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James Alexander McGrew biography - Clarke County, Mississippi

18 Mar 1839 - 08 Mar 1906

(submitted by Gerald & Tammy Westmoreland)

James Alexander had scarlet fever while very young and it left him deaf. He had already learned to talk, and later learned to read lips, but he talked in monotone.

He fought in the Civil War at Chattanooga, where his future wife's husband, B.A. Moss, was killed. James married Lavina Hurst Moss, who had two small daughters. They had six children and about 1886, he took the unmarried children, except for the two youngest sons and moved out. Viney became ill with cancer and died Jan 20, 1890.

James married Serena Roberts a month after Viney's death. He owned 160 acres and they ran a hotel in DeSoto, MS. He died in 1906, and she died in 1907, and it is said her family got everything that he had accumulated.

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